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As a preferred Wedding Officiant at Fess Parker Hilton in Santa Barbara and other venues

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Susan Allan's definition of Marriage is
"When two merge into one".
The Mission of The Marriage Forum, Inc. is to support couples to co-create the most joyous loving ceremonies that are exactly as you have always dreamed they can be.

To learn about Magical Marriage© Coaching and Marital Mediation© please contact susan@themarriageforum.com

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"When you do 100% of what works and 0% of what doesn't work life is MAGNIFICENT!"
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Love isn't going to find us we must find love and that is one Mission of
The Marriage Forum, Inc.

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"When you do 100% of what works and 0% of what doesn't work life is MAGNIFICENT!"


Susan Allan is a renowned Life Coach and author; America's leading Marriage and Divorce Coach, a Certified Mediator, a Nonviolent Communication SM expert, a certified Herrmann Brain Dominance™ trainer and the host of Evolution Revolution® a Santa Barbara, CA television show.

For a complimentary one hour private telephone consultation with Susan Allan susanallan@themarriageforum.com


Learn How to Motivate and Inspire your Partner Today!  with Susan Allan

Live in your Heartspace™ and manifest love!  

Learn to envision your most magnificent relationship and live it!  

Discover how to ask for what you need from your partner and get it?  

Master Goal-reaching Skills© for more love, passion, kindness, peace and financial security!  

Master The 6 Part Conversation© for affection, intimate connection, and monogamy!

Wedding Poetry

Susan Allan is an accomplished poet who has created countless poems for proposals, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, and other special moments. To learn how to have a unique poem created just for you and your partner please contact us for more information susan@susanallan.org


" I got MARRIED!!! :) :) he has been unbelievably amazing and loving.  I ADORE him!  He communicates with me in a peaceful/loving way (perfect for me), and he's such a happy man with a good heart!  He's really great!  PLUS, he's TOTALLY gorgeous! :) Thank you for helping prepare me for a man who can love me so much!! I'm able to accept his love in large part because of the work that we did together.  Thank you again for helping me become a higher functioning person!!! :) :) :) Lots of love Susan N. Mesa, Arizona


"The beauty of what Susan does is she only needs one person to do it. With one person I have seen her turn around relationships; I guess everything comes down to relationships, whether you're having a problem with a spouse, with a child, with yourself. I'm always overwhelmed how she dedicates her self and how relentlessly she seeks a solution.!" Richard J. Dolwig, Jr.  Family Law Judge pro-tem (Ret.), Cert. Family Law Specialist (Ret.) Attorney; Mediator and Arbitrator during Magical Marriage video with wife, Linda Dolwig, Santa Barbara, CA


"I appreciated our session today, and as a result of what you have mentioned at the end, I have gained this deep compassion for Neil who seems so lost, lonely and sad.  Before, I just saw everything from my point of view only, and am wondering how is this any different from what Christ asked his followers to do...Thanks again" Julie E. Westlake, CA


"Susan, this really worked! Thank you! My Mom and Dad got along all weekend" SF 7 year old, San Fernando Valley, CA
"Susan eliminates barriers, traveling the way of spirit and heart. She allows people to enter that area, and say 'Yes' instead of "No". Susan Allan is the wings people glide on as she brings them through these difficult times seeing through the clear eye of the eagle. She respects their path and their history so that they go forward without their burdens." Charles R. Quintero, Peacemaker to the Navajo Nations, California certified mediator and arbitrator


 "Susan Allan has not only been a columnist for our publication, Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine for the past 7 years, but she has also become a personal friend whom I admire and respect. .I have enjoyed watching her reinvent herself after her own divorce. Instead of being knocked down by the experience she found a way to use what she learned to assist others who were going through difficult challenges in their relationship. She teaches clients how to use integrity when unresolved difficulties threaten a marriage so the resolution is peaceful and respectful.  She is a woman with an amazing talent for understanding and empathizing with people from all walks of life. Susan shows great compassion in her work and shares her gifts and talents generously with those whose lives she touches. She has dedicated her life to making a difference." Nansie Chapman Publisher/Editor Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine www.sbfamillife.com

For a complimentary one hour private telephone consultation with Susan Allan

Your tax deductible contributions support The Marriage Forum, Inc. & our work with individuals, couples, families, and organizations. Thank you for your continuing support as we serve those in the greatest need for peace and the cooperation and safety that comes from mastering The Heartspace© System. We have been offering a free 1 hour telephone session to everyone who requests it since 1999 and we continue to do so.